Samsung intends to sell millions of phones collapsible in 2020

Samsung intends to sell millions of phones collapsible in 2020

According a news report from South Korea that the company Samsung plans to increase its production of smart phones collapsible over the next year, so after the relative success he enjoyed her smart phone folding the first (Galaxy Fuld) Galaxy Fold.

The newspaper quotes The Investor Korean Chief Executive Department of the work of the portable devices I have a Samsung (Koh Dong-jin Koh) as saying: “We will increase sales of smart phones collapsible to a significant degree in the next year”. The official said to reporters during the middle of the particular artificial intelligence held by the police: “we will see more smart phones folding next year.”

With regard to the next generation of smart phones folding, said Cohen: the company will issue a declaration on the table at all when the timing is appropriate.

The company Samsung has revealed last week about a new design of smart phone is foldable in a box, so in an attempt to improve the design of the current phone (Galaxy Fuld), which began in the market in last September after a delay of a few months.

According to the daily, The Investor indicated that Samsung plans to sell about 6 million smartphone retractable through 2020, with the sales of the first generation of phone – newly launched – did not achieve the initial goal, a million units, but the device paved the way for The Shape of the innovative in the smartphone market.

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After years of lack of innovation in the smartphone market, which has led to the decline of sales of many companies, sought several companies to provide new and innovative design in the market, including flip phones that appeared to be developed is not easy, although the company Samsung announced a phone (Galaxy Fuld) Galaxy Fold in the month of February last – to the side of the phones (Galaxy s) leading, however, errors in the design forced her to pull out the samples that gave some journalists the technical and postpone the launch, which was scheduled in the month of April last.

Referred to to Samsung sought through the launch of the phone (Galaxy Fuld) to be proactive in providing a new generation of phones which qualifies them to maintain its first position in the market, especially after the dramatic rise of its competitor, China’s Huawei, which has announced that are other on the telephone folding under the name (meta X) close to X in the month of February last, but it was not put on the market until now.

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