Samsung intends to support the technical upgrading of the intelligent self-accuracy, 8K as early as next year

Samsung intends to support the technical upgrading of the intelligent self-accuracy, 8K as early as next year

Reported the newspaper The Korea company Samsung intends to apply the programme of upgrading the self-accuracy is based on artificial intelligence techniques for all products TV strictly 8K that will come up for sale from next year.

Used artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning to bridge the gap precision between TVs, 4K, and 8K in the world, where did not wait after the TV broadcast in 4K. Can use the algorithm also to upgrade the content available in 1080p or 720p for the accuracy required on the TVs in accuracy, 4K, and 8K. Focus Samsung great emphasis on technical upgrading of the self based on artificial intelligence in TVs, 8K, especially as they seek to dominate this market.

The newspaper Maeil Business Newspaper about the two main architects: (Ahn Tai Gia Trang), and(Park Sung-Ho) in the Business Department of Samsung Electronics Visual, two of the stands behind the development of this technique: if all the TVS 8K from Samsung which will be released next year will be equipped with sophisticated software depends on the techniques of deep learning.

According to the engineers, the Samsung will be the first in the world in applying the technique of deep learning in image enhancement, which will yield improved better in the picture compared with machine learning. Will you know models from TVs strictly 8K that will work with this technology during the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2020 early next year.

Has Think screen Micro new LED from Samsung too on this technique. Since the upgrade the resolution to 8K using artificial intelligence able to provide clarity of the voice improved by adjusting volume levels according to audio on the screen. Now being studied millions of images by artificial intelligence algorithms in advance to determine the correlation between image properties and image quality and compensate for any shortcomings by reference.

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Referred to to Samsung investment since the year 2016 more than 85 million USD in upgrading techniques of self-accuracy based on artificial intelligence.

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