Samsung intends to use the en Emoji in games and Bixby

Started Apple a new direction to the industry standard again when it launched Animoji with iPhone X in 2017, and since then has swallowed many companies have their versions of animated emoji to face the stunt Apple is brilliant, and include en Emoji of Samsung (augmented reality Emoji).

Although the company claims that it is not a copy of Animoji with Apple, although the appearance of emoji augmented reality for the first time on the Galaxy S9 / S9+, but it quickly turned into an essential feature on the Galaxy devices across price points.

Add the Korean company surely more options and improvements on that property with the launch of each device of a new master accordingly made selections of Galaxy S10 also new features such as channel mode, and motion thumbnail, and direct, and more, the latest version also editing tools updated to help users customize the embodiments of emoji to reflect their personality and overall better, as of now only EN and Emoji to express yourself in messaging apps and social media, but I have a team that stands behind this feature bigger plans for it, in an interview with the Samsung Newsroom, the Team Galaxy S10 en Emoji to share their thoughts, among other things, about new use cases that emoji

New possibilities in EN Emoji

سامسونج تعتزم استخدام AR Emoji في الألعاب و BixbySamsung intends to use the en Emoji in games and Bixby

This includes new possibilities such as the ability to use avatars in your games, the integration of En Emoji in Bixby, working Samsung also to integrate more of the characters common tools and decorative new and add-ons like make-up and tattoo options, a comprehensive such as prosthetics and in those waters.

Not yet clear when will these features of the market, the group believes that en Emoji will help the users to learn the technique of En and it, with the continued growth of the products and services of virtual reality.

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