Samsung introduced Android Go smartphone J4 Core

Earlier in the Network appeared the full specification Go Android-smartphone Galaxy Core J4. This time we are ready to discuss it in the official release of the device. Information about the device appeared on the website samsungmobilpress. The device is technically not became something of a discovery for the Android market Go machines, however some improvements have been made.

J4 Core is the second smartphone in the line of Samsung Android Go. And, in my opinion, it looks much better than its predecessor Galaxy Core J2. Compare:

J2 Core

J4 Core

J4 Core

J4 in Core company adheres to the new style. In addition, the screen is now 6 inch. By the way, J2 Core it is only about 5-inches. And this is the large size and new perspective on design should be the main reasons for buying this unit.

J4 Core got the HD+, 7570 Exynos processor with 4 cores Cortex A53 with just 1 GB of RAM, 16 GB internal, expandable up to 512 GB. There are no jumps and the camera. A conventional 8-Megapixel, selfi camera is of 5 MP.

The battery also can not be called very large, but 3300 mAh should be enough to use all day without recharging. Out of the box the smartphone runs on Android 8.1 Oreo (Go edition).

In simple words, J4 Core does not have any obvious features. Here is a great screen, a simplified sheath, there is a camera and a good battery. Ordinary consumers don’t need anything else. J4 Core will be the perfect cheap option for most users.

Of course, you can discuss processors and memory, but we are all aware that most of these nuances are completely uninteresting. But the big display and beautiful design, which make the device looks more expensive than its real value, consumers will be interested in.

It is unknown how much it will cost J4 Core and when you start selling, but as a rule, the device lineup Android Go cost about $ 100.

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