Samsung introduced the device by folding session Secret here are some details about

Samsung introduced the Galaxy X at CES CES 2018, in a private meeting for senior customers, who have confirmed that the smartphone rollaway link to our stage last and ready to get to the markets before the end of the year. Only the interests of the media in South Korea, Samsung has developed a phone screen OLED measuring 7.3 inches, the capacity of the folding procedure are similar to folding paper. The technique of folding as it seems won’t affect the device in any form, even though it was a repeat process 200,000 times thanks to the development reached by Samsung over the past years. According to confirmed sources, the Galaxy X will start production full after the arrival of the Galaxy Note 9 shortly, specifically in November 2018. As for the position advertised, they have confirmed DJ Cohen, the head of Samsung that the phone rollaway will be officially announced in early 2019, according to earlier reports, he will be a leader superior in its design and performance and is superior to any phone another pilot markets with breaking the barrier of 1,000$, and its production is limited to 100,000 copies. Source: ET News

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