Samsung introduces series TVs QLED new in the Egyptian market, know their specifications

Launched Samsung Electronics Egypt Samsung, yesterday, series TVs QLED new 2018 in the Egyptian market, which offer the advantages of technology are exceptional to ensure superior image quality and smart choices and elements unique design allows for the TV to integrate with home decor seamlessly.

The design advantages of the new TVs QLED Samsung to meet the needs of the customer, in order to get the best sound quality and communication with other devices and share content, including offers to the user the highest levels of convenience and ease of use.

Commenting on the launch of series TVs QLED engineer, said qassem Hassan, the head of the sector of TVs at Samsung Electronics Egypt, said: “as a global leader in the TV, considering Samsung is constantly in the bouquet the new values granted by consumers, which makes us committed to always providing innovations like no other. And that’s why fire Samsung this year series TVs QLED, which has several unique advantages including the property of the Ambient Mode, and the cable is not visible, the depth of the colors, and much more to get a viewing experience richer and wider.”

And the most important advantages and specifications that are enjoyed by a range of TVs Samsung 2018, Samsung unveiled the following:

The depth of the colors

Featuring a selection of the new screens the consumer with the color depth of 100%, a property that enhances color contrast and accuracy and show all the details clearly.

Property Q HDR Elite

The wide range for brightness and contrast which characterize the property Q HDR Elite with the support of technology HDR10+, and ensure access to the highest levels of accuracy in the improved colors and image details, where this technology can display finer details to the viewer the brightest or the most used

The engine (Q Engine)

The fantastic quality enjoyed by TVs Samsung QLED supported by your Q which doesn’t bother me, where he says that the engine will analyze each scene to instantly view the color of the distinct and excellent details.

Ambient Mode

This device is to provide the situation to complete the advantages of the TVs new, offer added value to consumers even if they do not watch TV.

Enhance the property of the Ambient Mode of the advantages of using TV to become the main Information Center in the region, and this feature also give the TV the ability to recognize the color or the quality of the wall you are installing the device you need to match with the decor in the area and offers consumers a stylish screen, looks like a transparent fit with the style of the living room. As you change this property the presence of persons in the room via a synchronization with a wireless signal you run the screen, which closes again when you leave the room.

The cable is not visible

Through its cable is not visible New, will be linked to the TV and external devices and the power cable is only one transfer of data and energy, which gives the TV the appearance more elegant.

360-degree design

Provides the design for an elegant look of the device, especially with the absence of the outer frame surrounding the network, which gives viewers a larger vision of the full area of the screen.

Smart view (Smart View)

You can use Smart View to in Samsung Smart TV without a remote control, by connecting the mobile phone or computer to the TV and the videos or pictures or even music files, and will play content on the TV automatically immediately.

A single remote

You can easily control the devices connected to the content using only one device for remote control, as well as for automatic detection, which automatically locate and connect the devices connected to the TV, thereby increasing its ease of use.

The extended lifetime of the company with the property (Burn-in-Free)

Designed for Samsung TVs QLED to last longer. The technique of Quantum Dots does not make the screen burn over time with a guarantee of maintaining the quality of the colors and the details even with the passage of time.

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