Samsung introduces the application of 3D Scanner for NOTA 10+

Today Galaxy Note 10 before different available for sale in more than 70 countries around the world on the one hand it has the Samsung celebration of this event in a nice way where it launched a new application which is a 3D Scanner for scanning three-dimensional.

This app will be launched for Note 10 plus only and not Note 10 regular this is simply because the app works using a 3D camera ToF present in the largest proportion and, through them, the user will be able scan the three-dimensional models of the environment surrounding them and then transform these models to media files can be used freely.

Since this app relies on the camera ToF it is also expected to make way for said epoxy S10 5G also said taxi A80 because the two phones support this feature.

You can get the app now if you have the Note 10 plus through the store said the taxi if you don’t want to incur the trouble of searching you can just click on this link. After installing the application, you will be able to use it normally like any other application you can run it through the Bixby Vision built-in ASSISTANT Samsung personal.

Of course if you want to build a three-dimensional model of anything -as in the picture – will have photographed from all directions and once you configure a model three-dimensional Your you will be able to convert it to a GIF or use it in many other ways.

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Source: GSMArena

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