Samsung is closing the center for the production of cores. What will happen to the Exynos chip?

The South Korean tech giant Samsung closes research center for the development of the modified cores is located in the state of Texas. Engaged in the center, as you might guess, the improve line of processors Exynos. A result of the change of the company policy in respect of microchips, behind 290 employees. But the company is also aiming to change its policy in relation to the production of mobile chips and processors.

What will happen with Samsung processors?

What will happen to the Exynos processors

In fact, almost nothing really new from this closure will not occur. Existing processor cores, and the Exynos processors is likely to be used in future products of the company are of the middle price segment. According to the latest report, the layoffs will happen on December 31 and workers will not be transferred to other company facilities. As for about 3,000 staff, who is currently housed at the production facility of Samsung Austin, a company spokesman Michelle Glaze is said that these people will retain their jobs.

Not expected no effect on the production of semiconductors in Samsung Austin. We treat all employees with respect. All employees of Texas received an associated set of payments and advance notice. These measures are very tough. Us always difficult to provide such solutions. Very sorry that we are leaving skilled workers, but it is necessary to strengthen the position of the company.

Mrs. Glaze is also said that the decision was made in order to better compete with Qualcomm. Now the latest produces excellent terms of performance power the processor. And, according to representatives of Samsung, upcoming mobile processors are the Koreans working on the Exynos chip will be slightly slower. And production of the modified cores is not the solution. It is quite possible that the upcoming Exynos 9830 will continue to lag behind the Snapdragon 865 in various tests, so Samsung has a new plan. We will monitor developments so follow us on Telegram, so that nothing is missed.

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Now , Samsung intends to use a core developed by ARM, without making additional modifications. Also in the near future, Samsung plans to make a graphic accelerator, created jointly with AMD. But the chipsets that have already been announced, such as the Exynos 990, will likely continue to use already ready modified kernel. By the way, Samsung is not the first company that has taken such a decision. Huawei has been practicing the same approach with their Kirin and Kirin 990 990 5G, using the ARM Cortex-A76.

The last few processors from Samsung have been pretty powerful,- says the analyst of Moor Insights and Strategy Patrick Moorhead. But the data processors were very inefficient, consuming a colossal amount of energy. The fact that Samsung is going to do now, is quite a logical move.

In addition, the guide not so long ago, Samsung has invested about $ 17 billion at its office in Austin. Most likely, this money will be used to improve the system energy consumption, the integration of ARM cores in future processors, as well as to develop the already mentioned graphics chip together with AMD. Insiders suggest that the first commercial models of equipment with an updated iron can enter the market in 2021.

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