Samsung is collaborating with AMD and arm to develop a suitable therapist snares

According to a new report, Samsung began to suffer huge with both AMD and arm application cores dedicated to the Exynos of its own, as we know it is not far away, this is where the processor that will result from this collaboration will appear in phones Galaxy S30 which is the next after six months.

Recall that, when tripped Huawei in the production of processors Kirin became Samsung is the manufacturer of Android phones the only one that develops processors of its own, it is no secret that Exynos processor 990 was not able to compete in front of the processors Snapdragon 865 و865+ which is what makes the Samsung is in dire need of such cooperation.

Samsung will work with ARM on the development of the nuclei of Cortex X dedicated to their base with the improvement of up to 30% in performance, that while the AMD will help Samsung to improve graphics performance within the same processor, along with some predictions indicated that the NPU within a new processor may offer a performance encounter for Qualcomm and probably the best.

Source: Gizmochina

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