Samsung is considering closing one of its factories in China due to the decline in sales

Samsung the largest smart phone manufacturer in the world locked in a fierce battle in the Chinese market led to the decrease of its market share there from 20% to less than 2% over the past five years.

Samsung didn’t beat yet, but certainly is the sales of the company in the lows due to intense competition from Chinese companies such as Huawei OBI-Shawty vivo oneplus, etc. which make smart phones cheap and full of benefits.

Reports today indicate that Samsung will begin to close one of their factories located in China and specifically the manufacturers of Tianjin, which produces 36 million phone and another in his end 72 million phones in a year.

The company did not confirm the shutdown so far reported in comments to Reuters it’s difficulties, slowing growth and falling sales in the smartphone market as well as the high costs of employment so you want Samsung to focus on activities to increase their competitiveness.


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