Samsung is developing a feature reader blood pressure to open your phone’s lock

Samsung has a lot of crazy ideas, but the last idea may be the craziest. After bringing the reader the fingerprint reader and the iris of the eye to authenticate identity of the user and open the lock The phone, the police want to bring the reader’s blood pressure after receiving its patent on a new invention. So it seems it’s a matter of time before we see the reader’s blood pressure into the phones of the Korean company, but you may encounter some problems especially as the phones supports reader heart rate but do not use this feature to authenticate the user’s identity due to the instability of heart beat. The picture in the patent above shows the smart phone and smart watch use reader blood pressure. In phone, reader on the back perfectly in place of the reader footprint, while in the former the reader in the walls from the bottom to keep in touch with the skin of the user. However, the accompanying software with this feature, you need to be accurate is very large. Where the claims of a patent invention that the sensors will record data the flow of blood which will be used to generate a pattern beam for authentication, although the software will be forced to deal with the constant changes in blood pressure which can occur because of the psychological and mental state of the user. It will be interesting to see How will Samsung change problem blood pressure of the user to continue the ability of the sensors to identify it at any time. Source: WIPO

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