Samsung is developing a laptop screen flexible folding

سامسونج تعمل على تطوير لابتوب بشاشة مرنة قابل للطي

Expected to celebrate the coming period, Development Real in the possibilities of hardware folding, whether in the line of phones or tablet devices and access to which is expected to have a market of its own within the next few years, in the financial period have been trading many news about the work of companies such as Huawei Share Samsung detect phones folding, to several reports also the intention of both Microsoft and Lenovo will also launch a version laptop folding.

But for Samsung is Laptop folding though inevitable and assured according to The Korea Herald, citing a statement to the vice marketing devices in the company, Li Min last Monday, which said that Samsung was cooperating with the makers of display technologies for the development of laptop flexible screen folding to feel a paradigm shift and a unique experience for the user is not limited to the provision of property folding in simplified only.

It is not clear when it will launch Samsung Apple new folding at the current time, and may follow the same pattern, which delayed the disclosure of her phone rollaway for several years in the past, which I’ve always attributed the company’s reasons for the postponement matters related to efficient performance and the fact that it would like to provide an integrated experience to the user, to expect the day of detection for the phone in November as the Galaxy F, as rumors to launch next year.

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