Samsung is developing a laptop with a flexible screen. And flexible smartphone will be shown in two weeks

Samsung has two weeks should show the world’s first flexible smartphone.

It will happen at the event Samsung Developer Conference on 7 November. However, will show whether the device is alive, whether it is production or pre-production model and it does not show it behind closed doors, is unclear.

According to the latest data, the announcement of a full flexible smartphone was postponed to early next year. Given this, now Samsung needs to be not just prototypes, and the finished pre-production samples, so we can hope for a clear demonstration. Once there Samsung shouted that does not want to release a flexible smartphone for a demonstration of the technology, but wants a device was convenient to use. Well, we’ll see.

Also today, a Samsung spokesperson said that the company is working on a flexible laptop. Exactly a laptop and not a tablet. And while I myself do not really know the advantages of this solution, as the physical keyboard he will not. Rather, it is more logical to do it is the larger tablet that when folded will occupy a lot less space. But we need to see the device in order to speak specifically.

When he will submit, not yet. But in context it is clear that waiting too long is not necessary.

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