Samsung is narrowing the gap with Xiaomi in India, both of which shipped a record number of smartphones

galaxy S9

Reported institution Canalys specialized in market research that both Samsung and Xiaomi had shipped 9.9 million smartphone in India during the second quarter of this year. The total number of smartphones shipped in the country a little less than 33 million units.

Act, with Samsung again in the Indian market which is specialized by a little bit about Xiaomi company in terms of the number of the shipment after its loss in the previous two quarters. The share of the company increased by almost 50% compared with the third quarter of last year, this is the best growth experienced by the company since the end of the year 2015.

Was best-selling phone in the third quarter of this year in India, is Phone the Xiaomi Redmi 5A which was shipped 3.3 million units, giving it a healthy margin on the phone Samsung’s bestselling, Galaxy J2 Pro 2018 which shipped 2.3 million units. Analysts believe that the versatility of Samsung in the field of technology and supply chain gives an advantage over the Xiaomi company.

And acquires my company Xiaomi and Samsung with 60% of the smartphone market in India, followed by Vivo in second place after successfully shipping 3.6 million units, while the company Oppo ranked fourth shipments reached 3.1 million units. Moving company Oppo compatriot Xiaomi with its new brand Realme, but the company lags behind growth Vivo.

Apple didn’t do a good job in India, it has reduced shipments of the iPhone in the country by 50 percent in the second quarter of this year. However, the company’s strategy of relying on quality rather than quantity helped her to keep margins profitable. At the same time, Asus changed its strategy by showing its smart phones for sale exclusively on the store FlipKart, which has helped it to double its shipments by almost three times.


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