Samsung is not a supplier only for OLED for iPhone XS new Apple TV

iPhone XS Max

Was the iPhone X is the first smartphone from Apple with a screen OLED. As all of you probably know, was Apple use OLED screens used in the phone iPhone X from its main competitor Samsung, this for the simple reason that Samsung is the only company in the world capable of producing OLED screens in the quantity and quality required by Apple. However, it seems that Samsung may not be the sole provider for Apple screen OLED used in the two phones the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

According to a new report released recently from South Korea, he seems to have been Selection LG to become the second supplier of screens OLED for iPhone new Apple TV. It has been rumored on many occasions in the past that the company LG will most likely be one of the companies that will supply Apple with OLED that will be used in the phones iPhone New.

The report states the new IT company has been approved LG to be as having succeeded OLED screens own from exceeding a series of quality tests carried out by Apple for components used in its devices. Although LG didn’t confirm or deny that until now, the signing of the deal with Apple will allow the South Korean company to establish a name for itself in the market of OLED displays in small size which is dominated by Samsung significantly.

It is unclear how the division of applications between the two companies, but it is believed that Samsung is still responsible for the bulk manufacture of OLED displays that use their Apple for the iPhone XS.



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