Samsung is offering screen Space to design supports full control in the workspace

Support Samsung users screen New come the size of 32 inches and screen Space, where your progress through this screen to see new development in the area of work, slip the new screen at the price of $ 499.

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You can now to move in the work space surrounding your desktop through the screen of Samsung’s new Space, where applicable screen size is 32 inch, with adjustable design according to the user’s favorite in the separation distance between the user and the network, to choose the big screen for a desktop computer, without that occupy much space.

The screen Space on a stand for installation on the desktop, supports control the height of the screen and the distance that separates the user from the screen, which is designed to mimic to some extent the design of the arm and install the screen which is provided in the Amazon store, which supports control the height of the screen and move away.

Relieve screen Space that comes with arms control in height installed in the screen in advance, so disappears the back of the screen without affecting the width or occupy more space in the workspace, where the design space is up to 40% compared to conventional.

Comes the control arm and under the guidance of the screen with the cable, the display also comes with a premium design for cable HDMI and power cables to support the user’s design, less mess when you touch the wires, from the other side do not support this arm, rotate the screen, used as system VESA traditional.

Featuring a screen Space size of 32 inches with the design of the tires too skinny, and the quality of a 4K display, a screen VA supports a brightness of 250 nit and supports the screen covering the SRGB spectrum is 100%, and also the colors of the Adobe RGB 85%, come jump into an fast 4ms, with a refresh rate of 60Hz, so no choice is perfect in games.


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