Samsung is offering the Galaxy M40 soon Design trying phone Galaxy A60

Monitor phone Galaxy M40 in the lists of Android Enterprise design trying to the version of the current Samsung Galaxy A60 which is available in Chinese market now.

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You Samsung launch phone Galaxy M40 tomorrow in India, and today I spotted a leak picture of the phone screen distinctive design Infinity-O where comes the hole the screen at the left side of the upper part of the phone.

And specifications phone Galaxy M40 in the lists of Android Enterprise on that the phone will come with a display size of 6.3 inches, with a ram of 6 GB RAM and storage capacity of 128 GB.

Also scheduled to apply Phone Android 9, also comes Galaxy the M40 design mimics to a large extent the design of the Galaxy A60 which is available exclusively on the Chinese market.

Include leaks again, that the Galaxy M40 will come with a microchip Snapdragon processor 675, with sensor key accurately 32 mega pixel camera, featuring a sensor a secondary characteristic of wide-angle viewing and accurately 8 mega pixel camera, as disclosed in the registration catalogs on the custom button assistant Bixby in one side of the Galaxy M40.


I know of

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