Samsung is planning to announce the idea of the second of the flip phones before the launch of the Mate X

I started some shopping and waiting for during the last period about the patent a new invention for folding from Samsung, and today came a new report underscores the plans of the Korean giant to announce the released of the second of the flip phones before the launch of the Huawei phone Mate X to the markets.

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Confirmed a new report today that the Korean giant plans to launch more than one version of phones collapsible, to be announced the second version of its handsets that comes after Galaxy Fold before the launch of the Huawei Mate X in September.

As Samsung confirmed that its plans to announce a new phone folding will not affect the launch events a series Note10 this year.

On the other hand, was Huawei company had to postpone the launch of its phone rollaway Mate X possible with the support of networks of the fifth generation due to the lack of diffusion and the stability of the 5G networks until now, while the report confirmed today that Huawei still running more test on her phone, folding before its official release to the market, to avoid the appearance of problems experienced by Samsung with the Galaxy Fold.

Also expected to reveal the Samsung soon about the launch date of the Galaxy Fold to the markets where he began suppliers of the company in mass production already, so it may up her phone by Huawei in the end.


I know of

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