Samsung is planning to bring the feature ” Bright Night ” Camera phone Galaxy S10


Initially, the company Huawei to bring feature-Night Mode with the phone Huawei P20 Pro, but the company Google after it to bring the feature similar called Night Sight for all phones Google Pixel updated with Android 9 Pie, now followed by more from other companies. According to a new report released recently from the forum XDA Developers, it seems that Samsung is also engaged in this endeavour through the development of a new feature of the camera called Bright Night. It is expected to be part of the interface, One UI coming with the Galaxy S10.

You feature to take multiple pictures effectively and integrate them into a single image to be brighter and shows more detail in the environments and low lighting. Do not rely excessively on exposure, and do not rely on the LED flash, this feature just require you to hold the phone a little longer. According to the source, has revealed the source code to apply the camera update Android 9 Pie of your phone Galaxy Note 9 of the advent of the feature similar of the South Korean company.

We’re not sure if Samsung plan to keep this feature exclusive to the Galaxy S10 or whether it intends to bring its organs, leading to other with update Android 9 Pie next. When detected, it will feature Bright Night Join similar features from different companies such as the Nightscape of the company OnePlus, features a Night Scene of the Xiaomi company, and a Super Bright Mode of the company to Honor in addition to Night Sight and Night Mode which has been mentioned previously. In the case if the previous forecast is correct, it is supposed to be officially unveiled for Galaxy S10 in early next year.


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