Samsung is planning to cancel the series phones Galaxy Note Series in the next year

Galaxy Note 10

Lost series phones, Galaxy Note Series much of its charm in the last two years, especially after I got the series phones Galaxy S Series on many of their characteristics. Considered a stylus pen the S Pen is the difference important to the only remaining between the two, which leads many to wonder about the need to selections of Galaxy Note Series in the future. The argument is that Samsung can just add the S Pen to series The Galaxy S Series for the future to meet the needs of the users of the Galaxy Note.

It seems that South Korean police are considering the same thing, at least according to a series of new tweets from the experiences of the famous American Evan Blass, known as the month of evleaks. He says that the company Samsung is considering the possibility of merging the two Galaxy S Series and Galaxy Note Series under one brand, unified named probably ” Galaxy One ” in the next year. What this means is that the company may launch Galaxy S11 or whatever his name is with electronic pen S Pen, and avoid the launch of a new model of the Galaxy Note in the second half of next year.

Although it seems like a reasonable strategy, but this strategy will Samsung release a new flagship phone in the second half of each year, and this is the period of the year which show where the new models of the Galaxy Note. If the performance of first-generation well into the market, says Evan Blass that lineup Galaxy The Fold Series will replace the Galaxy Note Series as a hobby, leader of the Samsung company for the second half of the year.

Just to be clear, did not confirm the Samsung any of this, but we should be further noted that Evan Blass has a proven track record when it comes to rumors and leaks related to the plans of the companies and products coming from them. Most importantly, this rumor is New seems very logical from the perspective of the brand and the market. So, don’t be surprised if Samsung cancel the series phones Galaxy Note Series in the next year.


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