Samsung is planning to exploit the attack on the reputation of Huawei

Is Huawei is the largest manufacturer of devices for mobile networks in the world, but its reputation has been dropping recently by the impact of the past with one of the banks and the spread are stolen, some techniques previously in addition to health Paul, its founder, the Communist Party of China and his government.

Led it to make several states to prevent the use of its equipment in the incorporation of networks of the fifth generation, especially in the United States that have adopted the company’s risk to its national security, what will later prevent the use of the equipment for any Chinese company for fear of having any back doors in such equipment are allowed to trade on the various companies and consumers, especially that the Chinese law forces, leaving telecommunication companies there is a preview of the Chinese intelligence in gathering information.

Samsung seeks to capitalize from Huawei's sordid reputration

Samsung seeks to capitalize from Huawei's sordid reputration

As is usual in the business world, immediately to fall one of the companies in trouble of any kind, start another company trying to exploit the opportunity, where this was Samsung, which published a Reuters news recent information about being intends to increase its own budget with mobile networks so you can concerns related to the use of devices, Huawei and other Chinese enterprises.

The report indicates for being Samsung will invest $ 22 million over the next three years in equipment for fifth-generation networks and new technologies such as artificial intelligence, bio-pharmaceutical, automotive electronics.

This comes while using orange network well-known French testing of the first networks of the fifth generation own this year across Samsung devices instead of Huawei as it is approved previously.

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