Samsung is planning to invest $ 116 million in the war of the Wizards

سامسونج ستركز على السوق الهندي في محاولة لإيقاف تراجع مبيعاتها

Planning a giant Korean Samsung to increase the depth to compete with the Giants of the smartphone processors such as Qualcomm and TSMC through the investment of an amount up to $ 116 million during the next years until 2030 in order to reduce its dependence on other suppliers as well as the development of treatments specifically targeted for self-driving cars and devices of artificial intelligence.

And match today’s major tech companies, particularly in the areas of manufacturing processors for the support of modern technologies such as communication fifth generation smart cars connected to each other and artificial intelligence.

Will invest Samsung the stated amount on the development of research centers and their sources in order to reach its goal as the leader of the world not only in the field of memory chips, but also the processors by the year 2030 through the creation of 15 thousand jobs.

Obviously to find the business of Samsung in the field of smart phones and achieved rates of adequate growth in profits, paying them more for in the market of processors and slides to strengthen its position in front of the Taiwanese TSMC and American Qualcomm.

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