Samsung is planning to launch a foldable phone at a low price

Smartphone manufacturers always continue to search for more ideas and ways to develop their products and sales, and this is natural and ultimately serves the end user, and by talking about attractive ideas and technologies, we find that foldable phones are one of the most important of them, but they are only flawed by one thing, which is the high price.

The cost of foldable phones does not only lie in the cost of manufacturing, but also in the desire of companies to compensate for what they have spent in many years on research and development, which is understandable, and perhaps one simple example of this is Huawei's previous statement that the development of a dead phone X cost about 70 million American dollar.

With the passage of time the cost of production becomes lower, and companies become more experienced in manufacturing and developing these exceptional products – our example here is foldable phones – which made some reports strongly indicate that Samsung will start developing a foldable phone at a low price, which is in fact an excellent step until It is not preceded by another company in this regard.

This cheap Samsung foldable phone is expected to come in at under $ 1000! And some sources indicated a price between $ 600 and $ 700, which is amazing, but many sacrifices are expected from this phone.

Source: Gizchina

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