Samsung is planning to launch a new phone with four cameras background on October 11!

Use Samsung to hold an event Galaxy new before the end of the year, already the company started the Korean soldiers in the send invitations to the event on 11 October without disclosing the name or identity of the phone that the company plans to advertise it, but the design of the invitation was intriguing!

For the design of the support seems to be Samsung’s implying something about the camera, but what do you mean the company with the words ” 4X fun” is?

Phone four cameras wallpaper

Back in July, I talked to the leaks about the smartphone coming with four cameras background in the last quarter of 2018 without the identification of the phone or manufacturer.

But after a call to Samsung last the eyes meet now on the phone Samsung product on October 11.

Do we see sensor fingerprint built-in screen, too?

Commenting on the invitation for the event, said account SamsungMobile.News on Twitter that Samsung had tested the fingerprint sensor built-in under the screen on this new phone, but not yet confirmed if this feature will be available in the next phone or not.

As pointed out by the account to the possibility that the phone is available in the color of Twilight New like that color on the Huawei P20 Pro .

Finally, it would not be unlikely to see new features like this in the phone category, Samsung has said recently that the new features will begin to appear first on the phones category medium before applying them in the flagship phones. It may be a Samsung phone coming on October 11, the first example of that.

No longer separated we are just days from the next event, so let’s wait with you and we are surprised Samsung or is it just propaganda to draw attention.

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