Samsung is planning to launch another phone a distinctive clamshell design, folding in 2020

In a new report published today via DigiTimes, it was pointed out that one of the suppliers of Samsung has confirmed the development of the Korean giant’s phone folding design shock, as emphasized in the report that this version will be officially launched. in 2020.

There is no doubt that the first versions of flip phones didn’t work in market access until now due to the problems encountered by Samsung in particular units of the Galaxy Fold, freedom of Huawei to ensure efficiency of design, power and performance in the phone Mate X before the official launch to the market.

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With the delayed launch version of Samsung’s first phones folding to the market, but the Korean giant did not stop the development of the version of the last design new markets in 2020.

Comes the new version which is developed according to the combinations came across suppliers Samsung designed a shell-shaped frame retractable, where he is scheduled to be the second version of this class in the markets after the launch of both my phone, Galaxy Fold and Mate X.

Also refer to that Samsung phone that comes next year design clamshell features a screen-size 6.7 inch, it is planned to support the external screen when the folding frame to display notifications, Notifications are important.


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