Samsung is planning to launch updated TV Frame and Serif at CES 2019

Samsung revealed about the peeps first of the upcoming devices at CES the year 2019, where it plans to launch a new update for the TV Frame and Serif 4K resolution.

Samsung- stylish The Frame- and -Serif- 4K TVs

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It is estimated that Samsung offers the new versions of the TVS Frame and Serif with higher quality in the picture but they are not trying to image quality OLED screens from Samsung.

It is scheduled to come in Update TV Frame improvements from the previous version, with the technology of Samsung quantum dot, with the color gamut, wider discretion to HDR, as Samsung offers these devices the size of a new next year which is 49 inches, also come new versions of the design compatible with the decor of the House.

Come devices Frame the next year with the advantage of integration with lighting to display the content in the colors closer to nature, as Samsung offers a variety of frames and screen saver design is compatible with many tastes, as come devices with a view to participate in the Art Store at a price of 4.99 per month.

Also scheduled to come to TV Frame for the year 2019 with the One Connect box from Samsung, who claims to control the TVs via a single cable, as the device supports the assistant Bixby default.

Samsung- stylish The Frame -4K TVs

TV Serif also comes in 2019 with a distinctive design that can fit with any home decor, with a cover of fabric around the frame back of the device, also due to the device comes in three models with size of 43 inch to 49-inch, 55-inch.

Also scheduled to come devices Serif with a technical QLED Samsung, only that this category of devices use knowledge of researchers about the design which contrasts with the modern decors, as running Tizen, is expected to reach hardware prices to more than $ 1000.


I know of

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