Samsung is preparing to launch the first phone with optical zoom up to 5 times

Samsung has started production of a new class of sensor comes with optical zoom up to 5 times, where it is expected to come from among the features of the next version of the series Note.

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Use Korean giant to launch its first release of smart phones that support the feature optical zoom up to 5 times, where it has already begun mass production sensor 5x optical zoom, which comes with a rectangular as an alternative to the circular of the report of the alliance of those used in the telephone P30 Pro.

Projections indicate that Samsung is trying to catch up with the manufacturers of smart phones that support the technology optical zoom efficiently, and comes from sure Huawei made for Oppo Reno 10x zoom during the financial period, also made a phone P30 Pro Camera app Periscope.

It is also expected that the release of Samsung’s first phones that supports optical zoom up to 5 times in a series of Note according to what came of the leaks.

Comes sensor the new Samsung 5x thin design and protruding from the back side with a thickness of 5 mm lower than previous versions of the sensor are characterized with a thickness of 6 mm, is also scheduled to come to the sensor in the phone to a vertical design to keep the design slim gas prominent.


I know of

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