Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy A70S sensor 64 mega pixel camera

Use Korean giant to launch the Galaxy A70S later this year, which comes for the first time in smart phones sensor 64 mega pixel camera.

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Provided Samsung this year set a characteristic of the series phones Galaxy A, which came with a premium design with good pricing to users, has recently launched the Galaxy A70 which came sensor 32 mega pixels in the camera front.

In new leaks emerged today from Korea, has confirmed the plans of Samsung to launch the Galaxy A70S, which applies for the first time in smart phones sensor 64 mega pixel camera, that applies to the phone later this year.

It is planned to include Galaxy A70S sensor ISOCELL Bright GW1 which was announced by Samsung at the beginning of this month, where the sensor accurately 0.8 micrometers, as is trying to sensor ISOCELL Bright GM1 accurately 48 mega pixel which works on the integration of the Pixel with Tetracell using an algorithm, that supports the sensor the new production photo accurately 16 mega pixel camera when shooting in low light, where the sensor works on merging every 4 pixels into one point in support of increased light sensitivity.

It also comes sensor with DCG that works to convert light into electrical signals according to the ambient light and auto focus Super PD, so we expect more details about the Galaxy A70S during the coming period.


I know of

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