Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Fold 5G soon

Confirmed new leaks today on the plans of Samsung to launch the Galaxy Fold 5G formally to the market soon, where I’m counting on the phone already in the agency, the FCC.

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It seems that the Korean giant began to take the last steps before the launch of the phone by folding already to the markets, after the postponement of the launch date more than once, as adopted networking technology the fifth generation already in the Galaxy Fold 5G through the agency of the FCC recently.

The over the phone tests EMC during the financial period, which emphasizes that the emission of a lot of electromagnetic energy from the phone which may interfere with other devices.

It is provided in accordance with the arrangements disclosed to date that applies to the Galaxy Fold two of the models that someone claims the fifth-generation networks, while calling the second form of 4G networks, that the phone supports two SIM cards the size of a nano, with the eSIM, while calling Galaxy Fold 5G supports opening a single SIM.

I have referred to that model 5G features a battery characteristic capacity of 4235 mAh battery, while the 4G model capacity battery 4380 mAh, while all versions in other specifications.


I know of

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