Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Fold in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 11 !

Over phone Samsung folding Galaxy Fold difficult period after postponing its launch indefinitely and a copy of it in the hands of reviewers, but Samsung has not used said fix it already settled in the market during September.

سامسونج تستعد لإطلاق جالكسي Fold بالتزامن مع إطلاق هواتف آيفون 11

Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Fold in conjunction with the launch of the iPhone 11

According to the latest reports coming from South Korea and on the connections between the Ministry of communications, the Korean company Samsung, will version Galaxy Fold in South Korea through 18 or 19 or 20 September without specifying a particular day.

Coincide this with the launch of the iPhone 11 that from the perspective announced in the first half of September, which raises the curiosity about what you think about the Korean company.

Already Samsung has a new pilot, but two, Note 10 and Nokia 10 plus, to be released this month, but the phone rollaway is the dream of Samsung which is not completed yet and will not abandon the company.

Analysts predict the Korean market produce between 20 to 30 thousand units of Galaxy Fuld, this figure will increase according to the forecasts of Samsung that talking about a million units of the Galaxy Fold.

Has been detected the phone in February, was scheduled to reach the markets in April, but it crashes after one day of use reviewers don’t, andpostponed the Samsung officially released after a few days, then the reservation is cancelled prior in May, and now it seems that the reform process is successfully completed.

Expected to launch the Samsung Galaxy Fold of the United States and South Korea in September first, and then up to global markets including Germany, the United Kingdom and France shortly thereafter.

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