Samsung is preparing to launch the Galaxy Tab S5 tablet in the month of August

Confirmed new leaks today on the plans of the Korean giant to launch the released possible tablet Galaxy Tab S5 during the month of August, that comes with a pen S chip Snapdragon processor 855.

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Monitor Samsung tablet Galaxy Tab S5 in some leaks recently, which confirmed that Samsung is offering this version to perform the most powerful of the available versions detected during the financial period.

It is planned according to the latest leaks to be detected and the new version officially in the month of August, where comes the Galaxy Tab S5 memory random 6 GB RAM, with a storage capacity of up to 512 GB in the top model, also supports the tablet’s processor chip Snapdragon 855.

Also came the leaks today confirmed that Samsung is offering the Galaxy Tab S5 with S Pen, as projections indicate that this version of the Samsung features perform fast compared to release at least the cost of the series.


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