Samsung is preparing to launch two Galaxy devices tablet this year

Confirmed the latest leaks on the plans of the Korean giant to launch two Galaxy devices tablet during the coming period, to be detected and the new versions with the Galaxy Tab S5 is possible that he took a lot of leaks recently.

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Prior to the start of the conference Samsung in the month of August to announce the issuance of the company’s Galaxy Note10, the company will continue to issue further announcements soon about one of the Galaxy devices tablet.

And the leaks indicate that Samsung has three new versions of the Galaxy devices tablet, where the Monitor already Galaxy Tab S5 tablet recently, which comes with Snapdragon processor 855, also confirmed the new leaks that Samsung will reveal later about all of the Galaxy Tab A 8.0 2019, the Galaxy Tab Active Pro.

I have spotted one of the versions of Samsung’s next tablet devices in the Android Enterprise, after being approved standards for the device by the Bluetooth SIG, the Wi-Fi Alliance, where it is expected to apply this version number of 5 different models, which come with numbers SM-T295, A and SM-T295N, the and SM-T295C, the and SM-T297 besides the SM-T290.

Also from the article that supports four models of communication networks LTE, as Galaxy Tab Active Pro in leaks photographer and another where the device is registered in the European Union, is expected to apply this version of the robust design and higher standards of resistance between the versions of Samsung tablet devices this year.


I know of

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