Samsung is releasing more promotional ads charming of iPhone X


Was always marketing campaigns to buy Samsung powerful, it has used the company budget marketing massive offer some promotional advertising interesting. The latest promotional ads for the company are part of the marketing campaign ” Ingenius ” which is trying through its Samsung highlight some of the features of the two phones Galaxy S9 and +Galaxy S9 through the irony of the iPhone X.

Rarely a promotional advertising company Samsung longer than 30 seconds, but usually fun to watch. Sneered the first batch of promotional advertising from the lack of iPhone support networks of the fourth generation fast Gigabit LTE, and later mocked Samsung forget iPhone X to provide rapid charging, the camera is the least skill, and status to the dongle in three other videos. And now, we have three ads and other promotional say the same thing and he is the ridicule of the iPhone X.

In the promotional ads new delivery Samsung light on the lack of iPhone screen multitasking, memory storage of non-perishable, and located at the middle top of the screen. Generally, you can enjoy the views of this promotional advertising is the new below :

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