Samsung is seeking to develop an iconic phone design full screen

Try Korean giant access to the best design for the next generation of phones Galaxy possible, after the adoption of the company’s many designs that are different between the screen hole extrusion to the side of the camera pop-up, Samsung is trying now to develop the phone’s distinctive design displayed to fill the screen.

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Experiencing the smart phone industry a lot of developments during the recent period, where companies seek to compete in development of the design dimensions of the ideal company, to attract users to view featured in smart phones.

In order to achieve optimal supply many companies began to resort to more than the design of the support frames too skinny for the phone, as we have seen versions of the distinctive built Women top, slide-in module or camera popup to the side of the camera that comes in the hole of the screen compact, to Samsung looking for a better development in the design of the next versions of its phones.

I have referred Yang Byung-icon of Samsung in his recent statements that the development of phones is possible to design full-screen display could take up to two years, except that the premium smartphones are experiencing rapid developments in design in the last period, so it is expected to soon hit the smart phone to the issuance of a special front camera hole is not visible as the camera features also the highest performance.

As stressed by Yang Byung-icon also that Samsung is also developing a technical sound that emits from the screen, with technology keeps LG that know بCrystal Sound OLED which presented the idea last LG G8 ThinQ, where to seek Samsung in earnest to the phone application display to fill the screen and audio built-in screen in one of their versions of the future of phones possible.


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