Samsung is sponsoring the global competition, new to the game PUBG

The company announced the Samsung announced a new partnership to take care of the world quiz game PUBG famous, the Korean company had earlier announced its sponsorship of the competition new to the game free, but that the competition supports phones Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy Tab S4 valuable prizes to the winners.

If you are a fan of the famous game PUBG has announced the Samsung its sponsorship of the competition world of the game under the name of “PUBG Mobile Star Challenge” which stands for test of “PMSC” a competition of global celebrities live there think of the new competition on the extent of your skill in the game directly, but it depends on how the interaction of the followers with you in the live broadcast and social media.

Will contestants compete in order to win prizes is estimated at about 600 thousand USD in addition to holding caring of a formal broadcast, and clearly shows the intervention of the company Samsung in this competition is more than being the patron of a material, but it is expected that the company will continue leading this contest to promote the possibilities of her new flagship Galaxy Note 9.

Especially to free games on smartphones has seen a remarkable development of the financial period and became his immense popularity and besides these people become the specific vertically to measure the quality of the smart devices or not those specifications of the phone’s internal processor and memory of the random in addition to the screen quality, size and standard is very important in the quality of the experience.

Unlike terms quiz fortnite, the rules to join the contest PMSC relatively difficult, it requires the composition of a team of 4 people to get the team leader on the 1000 follow-up to the live broadcast or social media sites at least.

There’s something a little sad in the nature of state participation in the contest and accept the contest section of the some places geography is North and South America, Europe, China, Korea and Japan in addition to the rest of the continent of Asia thus have the Arab part of the African outside of the competition include those states which were deprived of the competition Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and the Maghreb as well as Sudan, Mauritania and the Comoros.

As for the distribution of prizes the contest is divided on two parts first regional-level areas mentioned earlier will be across the awards in that phase as follows: first place $ 20 thousand American and 15 thousand, the second 10 thousand, and the eligible regions of the six regions will be final and the first three positions you will receive 200 thousand of 50 alpha, respectively.

And you with the official video for the contest on YouTube:-

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