Samsung is targeting 20% of market the fifth generation

سامسونج تستهدف 20% من سوق الجيل الخامس

Hosting company Samsung with their knowledge of the market the South Korean and the U.S. in particular, all countries in their way to change the networks their connections to the fifth generation by next year 2019 and already Season rearing its purchase contracts with the largest telecom providers in the country.

There is a field of technology may be invisible to a lot of a industry market communication devices to provide mobile services, internet and communications companies which in turn provide services to people through the segments of the contact which the firm acquires Samsung on extremely low don’t give up 3 percent compared to a company like Huawei , which take up nearly 28% and Nokia at about 23% and Ericsson in the middle by about 27 percent.

And, of course, that women do not convince the Korean giant which is used in all areas that rival or at least get to the first positions, so the Korean company now focused on the new generation of communication techniques and knowledge Part V 5G according to the expectations of the company they are targeting the acquisition of nearly 20% of Service fifth generation worldwide by the year 2022.

Of course, the company Samsung in their way to achieve their goals they are now doing many tests on my stomach. assigned to provide services fifth-generation in addition to holding a number of partnerships with service providers in order to experience its own equipment commercially.

My company, like AT&T of America, and Verizon Wireless rely on equipment Samsung mainly in the conversion of their network to the fifth generation and of course such partnerships with giant companies sharing the market of the fifth generation from the beginning would be reason enough to engage with Samsung after that by the service providers in other countries when you decide that the state convert its networks to the new generation.

Of course, as has happened in previous generations have to support the phones used for the new generation of communication technology in order to take advantage the service provided this is a power point another to buy the Samsung because it is one of the largest manufacturers of smart phones that are running months Android it is expected that the needs of the new generation of series s special police “Galaxy S 10” on the techniques of the fifth generation.

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