Samsung is the biggest beneficiary of the loss of Huawei

Crashed the ambitions of Huawei of to remove company Samsung of the lead, and the title of the largest brand for phones in the world, by the year 2020, in the wake of reports that the company Google pulled the license Android from Huawei, it may be the marginalization of rival Samsung most enthusiastic as an unexpected surprise for the South Korean company – on the assumption that the presence of Huawei in the Black List level.

Stopped Google Inc. – meet an executive order signed by President Donald Trump last week – its brand long-term relationship with Huawei, which allows for the brand to Chinese access to the updates of the Android system, this has lead tradition to the decline of demand on the Police, Overseas Chinese, and give the Samsung flagship in the market with additional capacity to strengthen its leadership in the field of Android devices.

May be the loss of Huawei gain for Samsung if users Android for Huawei phones of the future; the lack of tools and applications that support people every day, will benefit Samsung of the anticipated decline in external demand on the Huawei phones, especially in Europe, where it owns Huawei nearly 25 percent of the market, according to data for the last quarter of 2018.

Owns Samsung a wide range of products – from hardware to low-cost to flagship devices – similar to a group Huawei current, and the South Korean company is probably the biggest beneficiaries, if you search users for a replacement phone running Android.

Can to Huawei to continue to use the version of the Android open source named AOSP, but this will delay the Huawei several months for the competitors, as Google’s partners on the possibility of early access to the version of Android so that they can make the OS as smooth as possible for buyers, and still Samsung enjoyed such early access as a partner to Google.

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Some consider that the procedure of Prohibition of the arrival of the Huawei to the Android paper is a contribution to the trade relationship between the United States with China, have resorted Donald Trump in the last year to use tactics similar to against ZTE Corporation ZTE Chinese giant, which led to the interruption of its business, and Trump the lifting of this ban in the month of August last.

She said Huawei: the out Google from Huawei will deploy the fifth-generation networks in the United States, Huawei is considered the largest manufacturer of communications equipment in the world, the third largest phone maker in the world, the successor to the Samsung, although the South Korean company sells the screens and tortillas to the side of the portable devices, but it is not a player in the field of network equipment.

The political problems – which come from Huawei, and make smart phones out of the game – the ability of the brand to sell phones outside of China, giving Samsung the opportunity is favorable to support its position in Europe, and the rest of the world, they can also take advantage of the line Huawei to delay the phone by folding, the Mate X.

In the case of the stopped Huawei put this phone – the supposed arrival during the summer – during the solution for the Android platform, the opportunity to Samsung to achieve leadership in the market of flip phones has increased.

But may be the offices of Samsung’s short-term, if the ban on Huawei temporarily, as previous experience has shown the President Trump that he is ready to change his attitude to the Chinese companies, if they meet certain conditions, it is possible that retracts the government of the United States on the status of Huawei in the Black List based on the reactions of China’s leaders.

Recall that in the case of continuing trade negotiations to back off, the Samsung has a great opportunity to move forward in the year 2019, with the weakening of immunity by the most enthusiastic in the field of Android phones, but if you usually Huawei to conduct its activity in the field of smart phones, with the support of the United States government will continue to rival Samsung’s main challenge to the South Korean giant; the domination on the market of portable devices.

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