Samsung is working on a feature to transfer private data phones Galaxy

سامسونج تعمل على ميزة نقل بيانات خاصة بهواتف جالكسي

Location detection XDA Developers work Samsung on a special version of the feature-transfer data phones Galaxy so that you will get the name of the Quick Share on a similar approach for the transfer of data in devices Apple TV AirDrop.

According to the site that I can get a copy of the APK from Quick Share It would be a quick and easy tool to transfer data between Samsung phones Galaxy, indicating that these women probably used for the company’s next Galaxy S20+ 5G.

Which means we might see a review of the property through a series S20 Cairo during the conference the company to be held on 11 February next, where will enable the water user to identify users who wish to share or send data and files with them or even let those who are around and benefit from the water from the send emoji, videos and other file types.

As explained by the image shown by the site that feature Quick Share can be used to support the organs and products of the Internet of things, where the user must to take advantage of this feature that says upload files on the cloud Samsung, and then sent for the Internet of things.

Knowing that the cloud storage space will be limited to 1 GB during the process of transmission per kit 2 GB only during the day.

Web here make sure Samsung will provide water for the rest of its phones from the previous version when officially launched, this is what we’ll discover with on 11 February during our coverage of the event will launch a series of new phones.


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