Samsung is working on the design of the two new screens folding, according to a new report

Samsung Galaxy Fold

It is now reported that Samsung is working on flexible screens to New accept the possibility of folding in two, one size 8 inch and the other size 13 inch. It is expected that these new screens folding ready this year, but it is unclear when it will be used in the devices consumer.

According to South Korean news The Bell, it is the development of the design of two different, one called G-type and the other called S-type. Aim of the letters in names to clarify the figure, but the pictures below should be more clear :

Based on these pictures, makers of the G-type is of would have the size of 8 inches, while would have the screen of the S-type the size of 13 inch. Will try to devices that use these screens folding future rival tablets of similar size such as iPad Mini and iPad Pro which comes with screen sizes similar. For young G-type, it will leave the screen active in the backend when it is folded, while would have the screen of the S-type One is the only one at the front.


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