Samsung is working on the technology of wireless charging over the air

Patent documents issued by the World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO recently clarified that Samsung is working on the development of the technology of wireless charging antenna.

It seems that the technology giant South Korean Samsung is looking to join the list of other companies such as Disney, which operates on the technique of wireless charging antenna, in accordance with the patent date back to 2016, which is published by just World Intellectual Property Organization WIPO, so that it is clear that Samsung want to provide such a technique for smartphones and tablets next.

For clarity, the wireless charging technology of the antenna different from the wireless charging technology of the regular used within a number of devices of the company, as they don’t require new technology to be the device and in contact directly, as shown in Figure the current offer wireless charging charging pad connected to a power source, so that the result put the device on the plate to start the charging process.

While through the technology of wireless charging antenna is not charging the battery in any device automatically as soon as being compatible and in the range of the signal, so that it does not require it to put the phone on the charging plate, it can also charge your phone while in your pocket, in addition to that the new method provides a greater range compared to a charger Qi.

Although this technology seems to be far from practical use, however, the latest patent for the Samsung indicating that the South Korean company has big plans for smart phones next, describing the innocence that was introduced in South Korea way for the installation of energy devices in the rooms with charge wireless through the air.

According to the data, the system will allow for devices to the network wirelessly, even if the user is roaming, thanks to the reflectors that send a signal to the shipment regardless of the obstacles existing within the enclosed space, and it is clear that this technique is extremely useful, and should be available sometime during the next three to five years.


Source: Samsung working on the technology of wireless charging over the air

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