Samsung issued a new update for the phone Galaxy A30 adds a new feature the task of the camera

Galaxy A30 --

Samsung has started this week issued a new update for the phone Samsung Galaxy A30. This update carries the Brown No. A305FDDU2ASE5 the size of 459 MB. According to the changes, this update optimizes the camera’s performance slightly improved compatibility with third-party applications, as well as installing security fixes for the month of June.

Will have users Galaxy A30 is now the ability to record videos in slow motion, a feature that wasn’t available on this phone before. Add other key that comes out of this update is to improve compatibility with third-party applications, including the application Telegram.

Overall, this new update currently available for your phone Samsung Galaxy A30 in India, Thailand and Malaysia, but we expect access to more features phone Galaxy A30 all over the world in the coming weeks.


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