Samsung launched the store quick commands for Bixby

Voice assistant Bixby is not very popular in Russia, but because many are not even aware of what he’s capable of. Samsung has done a great job to compete with Google Assistant and Siri teaching assistant to many kinds of skills. Thanks to them, Bixby can not only engage in dialogue with the user, but also to recognize objects and interact with installed applications. However, Samsung felt that this is insufficient, and introduced a specialized marketplace for Bixby. Try to understand that he knows how and why.

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The main purpose Bixby Marketplace is the proliferation of so-called capsules. So Samsung calls the extension for the voice assistant that iOS users known as a fast team. They allow you to extend the functionality of Bixby, but at the same time and automate some processes.

How they work extensions Bixby

For example, there are extensions that allow the command “play some music” to start playback from the specific application. With the help of another you can ask a taxi only from a specific service. Similarly, you can interact with any software and online services, forcing them to do what you need depending on the situation.

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At the moment the extensions Bixby only available to USA and South Korea. Primarily this is due to the language restriction. The fact that the best Bixby says it is in English and Korean, while all the other languages and dialects are given to him not as good as I would like. However, according to representatives of Samsung, in the foreseeable future Bixby officially work in new countries and with it, users from these countries will become available and the marketplace teams.

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