Samsung launches app 3D Scanner for phone +Galaxy Note 10

3D Scanner

Became the two phones Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 available now to buy officially in more than 70 countries, to celebrate this important occasion, the company Samsung launched a new application. We’re not joking here, this new app supports 3D Scanner and the timing coincides with the launch of the +Galaxy Note 10. That’s because the app uses the camera Time Of Flight on the back of this phone to allow you to scan and create three-dimensional models for the elements in real life. Because the Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A80 features also cameras Time Of Flight, it should support this new app also.

Has become the application of 3D Scanner, now available on store Galaxy Store of Samsung, you can get them yourself by clicking on this link on your phone or just search for his name in the App Store. After it’s installed, you can access it directly like any other application, or through Bixby Vision if you wish so that you can open the camera application and click the Bixby Vision, then moved to the panel applications will be there.


To create a three-dimensional model of an item in real life using a 3D application Scanner new, then you need to conduct a survey of all the directions, and make sure there’s nothing else about this item mentioned while doing so. Other than that, it’ll be over as soon as the examination of the application. Recommend Samsung using this tool with elements ranging in size from 20 to 80 cm. Once you get the model of the three-dimensional, you can create animated picture GIF of it to watch it directly with others, or add the model to the photos and videos that I took using the phone’s camera.


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