Samsung launches Exynos processor 880 available with support for 5G

As expected, Samsung unveiled officially on processor category average -above average – Exynos 880, and as we all know with processors Exynos is a processor developed by Samsung itself, despite its bad reputation however it is still of the strongest competitors in the market! In spite of the modern processor and its significance but we won’t see him for the first time in the phone manufacturing Samsung!إكسينوس 880

Specifications processor Exynos 880 and what to expect from them

First of to tell the specifications of the processor tells us to make it clear first phone with this processor, a telephone name Y70s of the company Vivo Chinese, a company with massive importance in the Asian market continued the parent company owners of both the Oppo and OnePlus, the phone new Y70s was launched effectively in East Asia in conjunction with the announcement of Samsung about their new.

The new processor provides eight cores as is available with two nuclei and two main type Cortex A76 at 2GHz along with six cores core Cortex A55 with a frequency of 1.8 GHz which is numbers perfect for the average, and the phone will CPU graphics Mali-G76 which will screen at even FHD+ because as we know, each processor includes processor fees, which in turn limits the precision of the company’s senior.

إكسينوس 880
Phone Vivo Y70s

The new processor comes with 8 Nm-type FinFET and supportive networks of the fifth generation is built, as stated before, also the addresses will support cameras with up to 64-megapixel camera with support for shooting video, even 4K, but with a 30 frame only, and finally the address of the new supports themselves LPDDR4X of the storage area RAM and UFS 2.1 of the hand stored files.

What do you think? And do you care about the acquisition of a new phone with this processor from either Samsung itself or from Pfeiffer? We participated in the comments! Also tell us what if you know that the Vivo uses Exynos processor or you knew for the first time today.

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