Samsung launches KlaytnPhone; the Galaxy Note 10 is powered by block Chi

New copies coming from the phone Galaxy Note 10 launched by Samsung recently, on behalf of the KlaytnPhone supported by the report of the block Qi.

سامسونج تطلق KlaytnPhone ؛ جالكسي نوت 10 مدعوم بتقنية بلوك تشينSamsung launches KlaytnPhone; the Galaxy Note 10 is powered by block Chi

Samsung has announced the launch of a new version of the series Galaxy Note 10 supported by the block of chi, or book series in collaboration with the Korean company working in the field Kakao, so that the police seem unwilling to increase the number of flagship phones are owned by more than ever before, where it had launched version two of Note 10, for the first time in its history last month, to come now and number with the phones and block the Chi.

Will the new version of the Samsung name KlaytnPhone in the markets even though they carry the same advantages for the ordinary, except for the block Qi.

Where you will get handset portfolio based on the block chi with applications integrated inside it work the same technique made famous recently.

According to the newspaper The Wall Street Journal, the common phones Note 10 to the new report block Qi will receive a sum of money from the digital currency encrypted Klay which is developed by Kakao in advance, allowing them to exchange work and do the various operations, as an encouragement to buy the phone.

Samsung has launched a portfolio of block Qi inside phones series S10 but phones note new will continue to support full development.


Wall Street Journal

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