Samsung launches new range of devices SmartThings smart home


If you require to make your home smarter, there are a large number of options that you can choose from, but if you don’t spend a long time in the sea around you, it may be I have a Samsung perfect solution. A company recently announced a new range of smart devices as part of the lineup SmartThings which may use preview.

This includes smart camera, and the Smart Wi-Fi, the interests of new intelligent. When it comes to the smartphone for WiFi, it is a device that you connect your gadgets to it and control remotely. We have seen many solutions similar, but the special thing about this device is that it is able to convert regular hardware to smart devices, despite the fact that in most cases just turn them on and off only, but it is still useful in some cases when you are dealing with devices of lesser complexity such as lights.

And mentioned the lights, you’ll be smart SmartThings Smart Bulb is an option you should consider if you want to provide your home lighting smart. This will be a smart flashlight is compatible with a variety of digital assistants like Bixby and the Google Assistant and Alexa, so that you can use devices similar to LEDs using only your voice.

And for the camera smartphone, which carry the name of the SmartThings Smart Camera, it has revealed to us Samsung it is able to distinguish between people and animals board and other elements, and therefore will allow the users to customize the notifications you want to receive. There will also be support for the bilateral direction and provide a wide viewing angle up to 145 degrees.

If you want to get this new smart appliances, take into account that the smart camera SmartThings Smart Camera cost 90$, while it costs your SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug for about 18$, and the smart SmartThings Smart Bulb for about 10$.


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