Samsung launches promotional ads first phone Galaxy A80, reviews us, the most important feature


Phone Galaxy A80 the latest from the Samsung company decided to adopt in turn the subject of the cameras pop-up but with additional movement consists in the ability to use the camera triangular key of the phone to take pictures and videos peace also. Thus, this makes it the first smart phone in the world provides the ability to capture images accurately 48 megapixels.

Phone Galaxy A80 has also explained in a detailed article earlier three cameras, one basic and the other a wide angle, while operating second camera on the sensor information depth and field to activate the feature is Live Focus. On the occasion of the official unveiling of the Galaxy A80, Samsung now published a series of promotional ads for the phone in the account by the official on the Twitter network, and you can watch all of these promotional ads below each video highlights one of the features that the phone Galaxy A80 :

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