Samsung launches protective covers figures Marvel famous for both Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70


Samsung already launched protective covers that are based on designs Marvel the Galaxy series S10 Series earlier this year in conjunction with the launch of the Avengers: Endgame in theatres. Having said that, I decided Samsung is now expanding its partnership with Marvel.

We’re still talking about the protective covers that are based on Marvel characters famous, but the company decided Samsung create these protective covers also all of the Galaxy A40 and Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70. Despite the fact that it is not the inclusion of these protective covers on the websites of Samsung so far, this is the protective coverings official from Samsung has been created with the blessing of Marvel.

These protective covers for sale right now for I have many of the retail stores on the internet, have arrived quietly without getting an official announcement from Samsung, except for the declaration of one of the branch of the company Samsung in the Philippines, but in this case it was mentioned the phone Galaxy A50 just.

In Europe, the display of these protective covers for sale through the shop Coolblue taken from the Netherlands-based, and this is what the app store displays the protective covers of the above for sale under different names, including the Avengers and Spider-Man and Captain America and Iron Man. These covers are made for the phone Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70. The Amazon store in Germany, it is, on the other hand displays the same these protective covers for the phone Galaxy A40 also.

The price of each Protective Cover separately, about 29 euros, and this certainly means that these protective covers are not cheap, but these prices are in line with what is required by companies usually for their covers. protective official, not to mention that the Samsung in this particular case need to pay some fees to buy Marvel.


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