Samsung launches Samsung Money in collaboration with SoFi and credit card support Mastercard

Service Samsung “Samsung Money” offering integration between payment services and credit cards and fund management, in partnership with Mastercard and SoFi.

سامسونج تطلق خدمة Samsung Money بالتعاون مع SoFi وبطاقة ائتمان بدعم ماستر كارد

After weeks of the declaration of Samsung’s cooperation with SoFi to launch a service to manage the financial accounts and the launch of a credit card, the company today announced the arrival of the service the service Samsung Money by SoFi this summer which allows users to access to accounts, manage their money easily through smart phones in collaboration with a company specialized the financial management of SoFi, and get a credit card with the support of MasterCard Worldwide.

Will Financial Service Samsung Money Samsung’s integration with the payment service, Samsung Pay to provide all financial services in one place.

This service provides customers Samsung Pay get a free account to manage funds between expenses and savings thanks to the technologies SoFi a patron of one or a number of beneficiaries on the same account and payment, it also allows to get a credit card supporting Mastercard to allow users to withdraw their money with ease via ATM or online purchases.

While the service will only become available in the United States of America in the summer, the Korean company their customers to get towing service free ATM.

All financial services in one place with the Samsung Money

Samsung pay app

Can get all the Samsung services-integrated financial through open application Samsung Pay to adjust the calculation of money management and credit card.

In this way, users can enjoy in one place service, electronic payment service, money management, credit card, next to easily transfer funds between them.


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