Samsung launches the application Thrive to manage your time users Note 8

Samsung launched today the application of Thrive, so as to help the users of phones galaxy in talk time. This app has been developed by Thrive world the company has developed an application to help users stay away from smart phones and contact with real life. Applying the Thrive will be available exclusively to users of Galaxy Note 8 in principle, will be launched later for Galaxy other. It serves as a better version of the feature do not disturb Do Not Disturb application, which enables Thrive to put the phones on the status of the Thrive Mode, which write all notifications, calls and messages, with the exception of persons who list of VIP. When the phone is activated you have the app, will reply to all messages that the person trying to communicate with him on a Thrive Mode. In addition, there is a control panel in the Thrive plan user to his time while using the application, thus restrictions can be placed on its use.

Download the application to Thrive through the apps store Galaxy

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